SYD Rib Competition Pack (3 Pack of 12 oz Rubs)

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Slap Yo Daddy Rib Competition Pack (3 Pack of 12 oz Rubs: "Love Meat Tender" All Purpose v2.0, Jailbird Chicken v2.0, and Flavor Bomb Umami)

Harry won 1st Place in Mano A Mano Rib Throwdown Championship where Harry donated the proceeds to benefit to raise awareness for autism!

Rib Comp Pack = “Love Meat Tender” All Purpose v2.0 + Jailbird Chicken v2.0 + Flavor Bomb Umami + after cooking, brush on KC Cheeky Sweet + Carolina Tangy mix 50-50 for 1st place Mano A Mano Rib Throwdown Championship

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