Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your products?
Bring a little of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ Love and Happiness home! My tiny one-person company is working hard to get into retail stores near you. You can find my products online at, Amazon store, Facebook Marketplace, and among others. If you would like assistance locating my products, please leave a message on the Contact page.

How can I get coupons for your products?
Thanks for your interest in our products! We send out sales flyers with online discount codes to our Opt-in customers. Sign up here Promo Registration Form. When you Opt-in, we can reach out and connect with fans like yourself to bring Championship flavors to your home.

Are all your products gluten-free?
My products have been tested and certified by Certified Laboratories, Inc, which is an independent lab. I have a gluten free stamp on those that have been tested and certified.

Are your products vegan?
As ingredients and formulas can change from time to time, please contact us regarding the vegan diet suitability of a particular product.

How does Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ’s label for top allergens and sensitivities?
Please contact us regarding allergens and sensitivities as our products are manufactured in facilities where allergens may exist. My copacker follows appropriate manufacturing practices. Please read the ingredient list on the label to ensure accurate, up to date information, as product formulas may change.

Are your products safe for people with nut allergies?
Some Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ products may contain tree nuts which will always be declared in the ingredient statement or “contains” statement. It is important that you read the ingredient statement on your package at the time of purchase to ensure accurate, up to date information, as product formulas may change.

What are ‘natural flavors” listed in the ingredients?
The “natural flavors” used vary depending on the product. We use a variety of natural flavors, all of which are derived from natural sources. If you’re wondering about a specific ingredient, please contact us.

What are the spices in “Spices” listed in the ingredients?
We use many spices in our products. If you’re wondering about a specific ingredient, please contact us.

What is the shelf life of your Rubs?
Our Rubs are good for up to 18 months when stored in a cool pantry if the storage recommendations do not exceed 70F and 45% relative humidity. If kept in a freezer, they are potentially good longer.

What can I do if my rubs get clumpy due to moisture / humidity in the environment it is kept?
1. Store your rubs in the Freezer.
2. Use a fork to break up any clumps.
3. Put plastic wrap on the bottle top before screwing on the pour lid as it will not be airtight once you use it and residue on the cap prevents it from sealing the rub bottle from moisture.
4. Keep your rub bottles in the container you keep your raw uncooked rice.

I have a bottle of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ sauce and I can’t find/read the Best By date. Where is it?
The Best By date is printed on the bottle just above the label. Best By means that you’re enjoying my products at their best flavor which is 2 years from the production date. If you have questions on the Best By date, please contact us.

What is the shelf life of your Sauces?
Our Bar-B-Q Sauces have a Best By 2-year date from production. When kept in the fridge, they have a 3+ year shelf life. (Plenty of time to inspire and create your own delicious dishes!)

How long does your Bar-B-Q Sauce last after I open it?
Unrefrigerated on the kitchen counter, the best quality is experienced through 2 weeks. Always refrigerate the sauce after it is opened and it should be good for 6-12 months.

Should I refrigerate your Bar-B-Q Sauce?
I always refrigerate my opened and unopened BBQ sauces. Yes, if you have unopened sauces, they last a long longer in the fridge before you use them.  I love and buy sauces from around the country like South Carolina vinegar sauces and White Alabama sauces that my friends and fellow BBQ competitors make.  One of my favorite class modules is when my students sample the wonderful regional sauces from all over the country.

How much of a product should I use when I’m cooking?
The long answer: This question varies depending on what you're cooking and what product you are using. If you need further assistance, please contact us. The short answer: As much as you’d like!

Where is Harry Soo now?
After about a third of a century building data centers in Los Angeles, Harry is turning the page in 2022 to the next chapter of Travel, Food, and spreading BBQ Love!  There will be more barbecue collaborations, BBQ classes and clinics, BBQ philanthropy, documenting the history and current state of BBQ throughout America and the international scene, filming YouTube recipes and Vlogs, answering your barbecue questions, helping patrons on, and working on more amazing rubs and sauces. You can check out Harry's scheduled events here.

Will you sponsor my barbecue team, cooking event, etc.?
At this point, my focus is on First Responders, medical personnel, Veterans, schools, and charities such as Operation Homefront, Save The Children, Operation BBQ Relief, and others. I also share BBQ love through my passion for creating delicious BBQ in my videos, classes, and development of new and exciting products. I'm always looking for ways to spread BBQ love back to the community. If you would like to suggest a worthy cause, please leave a message on the Contact page.