1. BBQ Tech Support w/ Harry Soo (1 Hour)

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Would you like to be able to call a world famous Grand Champion Pitmaster with your BBQ questions? Look no further!

If you would like to schedule time with Harry Soo for a lifeline, add this to your cart. Please indicate potential dates and times you wish Harry to contact you in the shopping cart “Special Instructions” box when completing your purchase. You will be contacted by email by our Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Class Coordinator with additional details.

 Unleash the Smoke & Sizzle with Pitmaster Harry Soo's Virtual BBQ Consulting!

Each session is limited in size, up to 4 people max, as this is a live class with Harry Soo himself. The class will be held in the comfort of your home, office, or even in your own backyard!

Are you a backyard barbecuer looking to amp up your game? Or a seasoned chef in search of that smoky edge? Maybe a competitive barbecue enthusiast aiming for the golden trophy? Or a catering or restaurant professional yearning to wow your customers with tantalizing, slow-cooked perfection?

Whichever you are, it's time to fire up your barbecue skills with the award-winning Pitmaster Harry Soo!

World-renowned Pitmaster Harry Soo, the brains behind the award-winning "Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ" team, is bringing his immense knowledge, experience, and passion for barbecue right to your screens with virtual BBQ consulting services to elevate your craft!

Harry's journey from Malaysia to the grand stage of American barbecue competitions and reality TV has made him a household name in the world of BBQ. He's perfected the art of smoking, grilling, and seasoning, and now he wants to share those secrets with you!

From the perfect seasoning to maintaining that low and slow temperature, Harry will guide you every step of the way. Learn how to choose the best cuts, the art of trimming and seasoning, the science behind smoke rings, the secrets of tender, juicy meats, and the final touch that makes your barbecue stand out.

 What does Virtual BBQ Consulting with Harry Soo offer?

  • Personalized sessions tailored to your skill level and BBQ aspirations.
  • Learn techniques to master the grill, smoker, or pit, whether it's in your backyard or a professional kitchen.
  • Discover Harry's secrets to creating the perfect rubs, marinades, and sauces that have won him accolades on the competition circuit.
  • Uncover the magic of timing and temperature for perfectly smoked meats every time.
  • Gain invaluable insight into the business side of BBQ if you're a caterer or restaurant owner.

Through this one-of-a-kind opportunity, you'll get to learn from a legend in the comfort of your home or business. This virtual experience allows you to engage in real-time with Harry Soo, ask questions, seek advice, and receive feedback. It's like having a world champion pitmaster in your kitchen!

Ready to ignite your passion and skills in barbecue with Harry Soo? Get in touch today and book your first session. BBQ greatness is just a click away!

With Pitmaster Harry Soo, you're not just learning to barbecue - you're mastering the art of flavor!

(Note: Always make sure to check for updates or changes regarding Harry Soo's services on his official website or social media platforms.)

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How Should Harry Contact You?: Zoom - Online (Preferred)