SYD 7 Pack of 26 oz Rubs plus BBQ Sauces

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Slap Yo Daddy's 3 Pack of Rubs PLUS 4 BBQ Sauces
If you would like to try all 3 of Harry's award winning rubs ("Love Meat Tender" All Purpose v2.0, Moola Beef v2.0, & Jailbird Chicken v2.0), here's a special that includes all 3 rub flavors PLUS all 4 sauces (Original, KC Cheeky Sweet, Carolina Tangy, & Hot Burn) for that added boost of extra flavor.

GREAT GIFT IDEA for that special BBQ person in your life!

1 "Love Meat Tender" All Purpose v2.0 Rub
1 Jailbird Chicken v2.0 Rub
1 Moola Beef v2.0 Rub

1 Original BBQ Sauce
1 KC Cheeky Sweet BBQ Sauce
1 Carolina Tangy BBQ Sauce
1 Hot Burn BBQ Sauce

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