SYD Pork Butt & Ribs Competition Pack (7 Pack of 12 oz Rubs plus BBQ Sauces)


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Slap Yo Daddy Pork Butt & Ribs Competition Pack PLUS BBQ Sauces (7 Pack of 12 oz Rubs: Honeylicious Honey Peach, Cherrylicious Ribs Cherry, Porkilicious Pecan, and Flavor Bomb Umami)

This combo helped Harry finish 3rd place KCBS Team Of the Year TOY in Pork against 5,000 pro teams and works really well on pork and white meat. Your family and friends will ask you how you infused the real fruit and nut flavors!

Pork Butt and Pork Ribs Comp Pack = Honeylicious Honey Peach + Cherrylicious Ribs Cherry + Porkilicious Pecan + Flavor Bomb Umami + after cooking, brush on KC Cheeky Sweet + Carolina Tangy + Hot Burn mix to your taste preference (for 3rd place KCBS Pork Team of the Year)

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