SYD SCA Steak Competition Pack (5 Pack of 26 oz Rubs plus BBQ Sauces)

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Slap Yo Daddy SCA Steak Competition Pack PLUS BBQ Sauces (5 Pack of 26 oz Rubs: SCA Competition Steak, Texas Brisket Magic Lone Star, and Flavor Bomb Umami)

Teams who have been winning SCA contests using Harry's 1st place USA Moola Beef rub now have a supercharged combination of rub and sauce custom blended for maximum umami punch to win steak contests as well as dazzle your friends and family in the backyard.

SCA Steak Comp Pack = SCA Competition Steak + Texas Brisket Magic (for pepper hit) + Flavor Bomb Umami (for natural MSG hit) + after cooking to 137F, brush on very lightly lightly All American + Hot Burn mix to your taste preference

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