SYD Brisket Competition Pack (3 Pack of 12 oz Rubs)

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Slap Yo Daddy Brisket Competition Pack (3 Pack of 12 oz Rubs: Moola Beef v2.0, Texas Brisket Magic Lone Star, and Flavor Bomb Umami)

Harry won 1st KCBS Beef Cup USA with this combination for brisket.  It combines best of Texas salt pepper and California style seasonings that will take your brisket and beef ribs to championship level.

Brisket Comp Pack = Moola Beef v2.0 + Texas Brisket Magic + Flavor Bomb Umami + after cooking, brush on lightly Original (80%) + Hot Burn (20%) for 1st Place KCBS Ranchers Reserve National Brisket Cup

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