SYD 7 Pack of 12 oz Competition Rubs (HOT w/ MSG) plus BBQ Sauces


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Slap Yo Daddy's 3 Pack of Competition Rubs (HOT w/ MSG) PLUS 4 BBQ Sauces

Harry specially formulated these "Lego" blocks of rubs and sauces to win competitions. Only quality ingredients that meet Harry’s strict specifications are used to guarantee a Championship BBQ taste you’ll remember.

With Harry’s four sauces, you can win in any region of the USA when you compete. Create specific flavor profiles that work in any competition such as sweeter for Kansas City, vinegary for South Carolina, spicy for California, and tomatoey for Texas.

Each is excellent on its own but when combined, allows you to create winning flavor profiles used by Harry and competition teams around the country.

Harry used 45% Carolina Tangy + 45% KC Cheeky Sweet + 10% Hot Burn to win 1st place KCBS Chicken Team of the Year. Many competition teams are using similar combinations of Harry’s Original, KC Cheeky Sweet, and Hot Burn to win Rib contests across the nation.

Harry’s rubs are artisan products that are not commercially produced but hand-mixed in small batches. For example, competition teams order the versions with HOT & MSG.

Harry's Jailbird Chicken rub edged out 7,000 teams to win 1st place KCBS Chicken Team of the Year.

The Moola Beef rub won 1st place KCBS Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup in Brisket and Sirloin. SCA teams are using the Moola Beef to win Golden Tickets in the Steak Cookoff Association contests.

The All Purpose Love Meat Tender rub won many first places including 3rd Place KCBS Team of the Year in Pork.

1 "Love Meat Tender" All Purpose (Hot w/ MSG) Rub
Jailbird Chicken (Hot w/ MSG) Rub
1 Moola Beef (Hot w/ MSG) Rub

1 Original BBQ Sauce
1 KC Cheeky Sweet BBQ Sauce
1 Carolina Tangy BBQ Sauce
1 Hot Burn BBQ Sauce

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